Wednesday, March 14, 2012

girls in short hair :)

 Emily Wong is a girl in short hair. It doesn't matter with the short hair, but for me, it was kind of special hanging out with the 2 other girls in short hair :)

  Back to the topic, err Emily is my new friend. We met up less than 5 times, but I felt that we already knew each other for like..err more than a year. :D
P/s : It's not easy to find a friend like that.

She's Emily :)

13rd of March 2012,

  It was the very first time hanging with the babes. We had fun taking photos, laughed like nobody's business, shopping annnnd of course EATING :) We love eating delicious foodie! <3

 While waiting for Emily, we did a lil cam-whore with the awesome sunlight. I only post one of our cam-whore picture because we look too fair, and fake in the other pictures ...

THIS MEANS WAR is a must watch movie :)

We no likey John Carter.  xD

We spent around less than 30 minutes at Forever 21. 
Emily said : let's start marketing :) hahah

Same thing as usual. We went into the same fitting room and camwhore :D 


 I loook so tall in this picture :PPPPPP

 P/s : Now I only know we're not allowed to take picture in the toilet :)

We had our brunch at WongKoK restaurant :)

 I love their skin tone. So fairrr :(( haha 

Cheeesy brunch <3

I was so tired that day because I slept at 6 in the morning and woke up at 9am. Tried hard not to fall alseep while I'm driving. annnnd yeah ... ... 
I enjoy hanging out with both of them because we have the almost-same personality. We promised to do something on our next outing. :D I'm so excited :)))) 

See wisely, think optimistically, talk nicely. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012


P/s : I don't care! I just want this picture in this size! :P

Starting from zero, turning to hero !

This is an interesting quote that found on dontknowwhatpage. And it has already became the daily reminder of mine while I decided to do something new :) 
Yeaaahhh, again. This post isn't about outing. Nowadays, I like to blog something about inspirations! HAHA. 

I watched a lot of videos on YouTube just now. One of them was the Kony2012. I don't know no one doesn't know what it is and who the hell is the supermotherfuckerkillerJOSEPHKONY. What can I do is only share the video. If possible, I would like to get the bracelet too! but somehow I haven't got the power to speak out what I want. I have to ask for permission to get it :'(

It's my TWITTER !

I'm just addicted to twitter this few days :) Tweet more makes me feel better :D Now I know why people likes twitter :) I have no idea why the hell I will feel stress after posting any status on my Facebook. HAHA. Some of them might just laugh at me for being so emotional. Like posting something macamyes.

I see most of them ada banyak followers and I don't. haha I JELLY :'( hahaha. Btw, although I have other 10 followers now, I'm glad and thankful for those who's following me :P Terima Kasih. 

Anddd people ! I'm working tomorrow ALONE :'(. May GOD bless me x)

You'll see that better me in the coming years :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012